Announcing Concepta’s New Branding!

Concepta Old vs New Logo

Big news! Over the last few months, we’ve invested a lot of time and energy into building a new visual identity. We’re very happy with the results and are confident you will be too. We’re excited to share this update and why we’ve done it.

Now to officially announce, Concepta has gone through a rebrand! 

What’s changed?

We’ve released a new brand identity, which includes the changing of our logo, typography, colors, imagery, messaging and website. It’s a lot bolder, simpler, and more modern.

Our old logo was a blue solid cube inside of a larger, transparent cube. It symbolized what our solutions are…a building block and the missing piece that many enterprise companies were looking for.

Our new logo shows an arrow pointing upwards. If you look closely though and allow your eyes to create the rest of the outline, you’ll see a hint of the cube’s existence. Our designer used techniques such as 3D, shadowing, and use of lines to give the design a field of depth. The rebrand represents us evolving, moving forward, and helping our clients discover the missing piece to disrupt their industries.

The new messaging is all about evolving and moving forward. Being stuck is not an option. Everything in our lives is the result of advancement. Concepta was built 13 years ago and as new trends and developments become standardized, we continue to move forward so we’re not left behind, and neither will our clients.

What’s staying?

In the rebranding process, we wanted to leave some things untouched. Our services, values, level of service, quality of delivery, and our people have remained the same.

Concepta services are still the same but now fall under three main categories: Product Development, Technology & Engineering, and Strategy & Growth. This is packaged in a way that makes it easier to understand what we do.

Concepta Orlando App Development Services 2019

We are making our process now more pronounced. We live and breathe the agile methodology and it’s only fair to share how we make things happen here. Not only does our development team utilize this method, our entire company, including the operations team (sales, marketing, finance, project management) are on board too. 

Our values are based on 5 pillars: excellence, passion, commitment, integrity, leadership, and teamwork. Through these, we are able to deliver quality work that takes only weeks, not years.

Why rebrand now?

Times have changed. We aren’t the same company that we were 10 years ago, 3 years ago, or even last year. We’ve evolved. 

Concepta CEO, Leo Farias, says it best: “As a company we have grown and the quality of work has continued to increase. It’s important that everything we do displays our values and level of quality we deliver.”

With a growing number of clients, a recent acquisition, a change in leadership, and new messaging, it was time for an update. 

We hope you like what you see and if you would like to learn more about us or our services, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or 407.720.4711.

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Concepta Welcomes CTO Leo Farias as CEO


Leonardo Farias, Concepta’s Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, succeeds Humberto Farias as CEO. Humberto Farias will continue as chairman of the board.

Leo Farias has been part of the Concepta team since founding the company with his partner in 2006. He has an MPS in Business of Art & Design from the Maryland Institute College of Art.

Earlier this year he was recognized with the Orlando Business Journal’s “Innovations in Technology Award”, and the OBJ went on to honor him as one of their “40 Under 40” most influential business leaders of 2018.

The awards are due in part to his active interest in the community and in mentoring young developers.

Leo sits on the advisory committee for the Valencia College Graphic & Interactive Advisory Board, where he helps ensure the curriculum prepares students for real-world tech industry careers.

He shares his experience with other developers at local technology meetups, as well as offering mentorship to entrepreneurs looking to launch their own start-ups.

At heart, though, Leo is a programmer and a problem solver. His technical skills were a major part of building Concepta’s strong foundations.

In the company’s first year of operation they were approached with a major project: find a way to fix an outdated, unscalable piece of software critical to the State of Texas’s emergency response system.

It seemed an impossible task, especially working under the strain of two hurricanes which had struck the state in rapid succession.

Leo didn’t shrink from the challenge. He pulled together the necessary resources to diagnose the problems with the system, find a solution, and put a plan into action that aid FEMA and the State of Texas during their relief efforts.

It was Concepta’s first major contract. Thanks to Leo’s technical guidance, it wasn’t the last.

Concepta has grown from a small start-up into a local leader in technology solutions, with a client list that includes Fortune 500 companies like Disney and Warner Music.

Now, as the company is poised for another surge of growth, Leo’s forward-thinking brand of leadership is more welcome than ever.

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Concepta Expands Its Mobile App Capabilities with Teeps App Development Consulting Business Acquisition


The acquisition transfers Teeps brand, projects, and digital assets to Concepta.

Orlando, FL (December 6, 2018) Concepta Technologies is proud to announce their acquisition of fellow Orlando-based company Teeps consulting business.

The mobile app development company’s brand will become part of the Concepta family of technology service providers.

Teeps was established in 2012 by co-founders Terrence Donnelly and Joshua Imel. Early on, they established a reputation for building apps that combine functionality and highly intuitive user interfaces.

The user-friendly nature of their apps appeal to product owners, who benefit from shorter training times and higher adoption rates.

Over the past five years Teeps grew from a two-person shop to a business employing nearly two dozen creative professionals.

Past projects include a Virtual Visit system to help Orlando Health patients securely access remote care and a mobile iOS app for online training company Code School.

Teeps also worked with the Orlando Magic on the sports team’s popular Mobile Rewards platform.

Now, ready for a new challenge, Donnelly and Imel have agreed on terms to merge Teeps’ consulting business, including the Teeps brand, services, and ongoing projects, to Concepta Technologies.

The deal is an exciting one for the Teeps co-founders and the Concepta team, whose mobile application services were previously in competition with Teeps.

“They have a great reputation and have experienced substantial growth over the past several years,” said Leo Farias, Concepta Co-Founder and CEO.

“Concepta is growing, too. Bringing Teeps into the fold accelerates our growth and allows us to continue offering personalized services to our larger client base.”

“This represents a significant step forward for us,” added Concepta’s Co-Founder Humberto Farias.

“Concepta and Teeps are two of the top development companies in Orlando, so this deal positions Concepta as a local leader in technology solutions.”

Concepta already offers a wide range of enterprise technology services including web and mobile development, data intelligence, and software development.

Adding Teeps increases their capacity for mobile app development as they continue to establish themselves as one of Florida’s leading technology service providers.

“Stay tuned,” Leo Farias advised. “We plan to hire more technology talent and developers next year to handle the expanded operations. Orlando attracts some of the best talent around, so we’re confident we’ll be able to find the right additions to our team.”

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Second Concepta Executive Makes OBJ’s “40 Under 40”


Orlando is as much a business town as a travel destination. It draws dreamers and innovators, entrepreneurs who want to bring the whole community with them as they rise.

Every year, the Orlando Business Journal recognizes some of the best and brightest Orlando has to offer with their “40 Under 40” most influential business leaders.

Concepta is proud to announce our own CEO Leo Farias has made the list for 2018. Farias is the second Concepta executive to be recognized by the Orlando Business Journal. Former CEO Humberto Farias, who has moved to a chairman role at the company, was honored in 2016.

Leo Farias is also the CTO and Co-founder at FanHero. His background is in business, with an MPS in Business of Art & Design from the Maryland Institute College of Art.

His impact is felt far beyond the boardroom, though. Farias uses his 18-plus years of technology experience to support community digital transformation efforts.

His client list stretches from government agencies like FEMA to commercial giants like Disney (and everywhere in between). Also, under his leadership Concepta will be partnering with e-corp Clean The World this year to automate their growing operations.

Among his colleagues Farias is known for his dedication to being a transformational CIO.

He views technology as part of a larger business picture. “It’s not enough to just build someone a dashboard or an app. You have to design a system that’s going to support their business goals moving forward,” he says of this approach. “Technology should never be in the way- it should be on the way to higher productivity and profitability.”

The Orlando Business Journal will present Leo Farias and his fellow “40 Under 40” honorees with their awards at the 40 Under 40 Award Ceremony.

The event is planned for November 8th, 2018, at Mango’s Tropical Cafe.

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We’re Living Walt Disney’s Vision For Disruptive Technology


Guest post from a talk given on Sept. 7th, 2018

I want to talk about a tech entrepreneur who isn’t around anymore. He had a tech company and loved to tell stories. His first real viable product, his MVP, was that guy:

Credit: The Walt Disney Company

90 years ago a guy named Walt Disney came up with that guy. He was a true visionary. The interesting thing about Disney was that he made that success through animation, he made it through the parks, but he had a bigger vision. The epicenter of what he wanted to build was called Epcot. It certainly wasn’t the Epcot of today. It was the experimental prototype community of tomorrow.

Think back to the mid-60s. There were riots, cities were kind of falling apart, there was racial strife, there was economic strife. Walt Disney wanted to create something significant to give to the world.

He said:

“We’re going to build an amusement park and it’ll attract all the people and it’ll be a huge success. And right in the middle we’re going to build this thing- this community of tomorrow. We’re going to address housing and food and energy and transportation and education, and we’re going to disrupt all of those things.”

That was in October of 1966, and unfortunately in December of 1966 he died. All that inertia, that energy, fell by the wayside, and the company didn’t know how to follow his dream which is how we ended up with the Epcot we have today.

The biggest things Walt cared about came down to basic needs. He wanted to disrupt how we distribute basic needs. That’s what he was trying to do with Epcot – and 52 years after he died, technology is finally catching up with the visionary things he wanted to do back then.

3D Printed Housing

Over a billion people on the planet are housing insecure or homeless. ICON, a company out of Texas built this house in 24 hours for $10,000 dollars, and it’s a three room home. ICON thinks it can get the price down to $4,000.

For comparison, the Commission on Homelessness did a study about what it costs to leave a homeless person on the streets and they found it’s over $30,000. Putting them in an assisted living costs $12,000 a year. Now these homes could be $4,000 plus upkeep.

Renewable energy

The amount of sun that hits the Earth in one day is ten times more than humanity uses in a year.

We’re only a few Moore’s Law doublings away from solar energy becoming a major player, and once we it’s cheaper to plug in than fuel up people are going to buy in on a larger scale. I think we’re close to that tipping point.

Water security

People say water is scarce, but two thirds of the planet is covered in water. We don’t have a water issue, we have a salt issue. Guess what gets rid of the salt? Energy.

We already have desalination technology, in fact there’s a new low-energy desalination process coming out of MIT. People think it’s expensive, but it’s not if you have abundant energy and energy is on its way.


The other thing Disney really wanted to tackle, especially back in the 60s, was transportation. Google and GM are launching autonomous fleets next year. We’re almost there on a technology side. Now it’s about our safety and comfort levels and public policy.

Disney’s dream of the monorail is being realized in Hyperloop, which can run from Orlando to Miami in 26 minutes. Once that’s finished you’ll be able to take your autonomous car to the Hyperloop and be safe as safe can be.

Looking a little further, Space X’s Big Falcon Rocket is promising travel to anywhere in the world in less than an hour.

Global communication networks

Companies are putting up constellations of satellites to provide- instead of hard wired internet access- global satellite-based Wi-Fi. Your phone work as well at home or in Antarctica. This is more than a convenience.

Half of the world doesn’t have internet access. That’s the digital divide we talked about back in 2000. We have it today, and it’s the developed world versus everyone else.

Imagine if you brought 4 million new minds – customers – onto this global platform. Imagine the problems they could solve and the things they could learn.

These technologies aren’t in the distant future. They’re all projected within the next 5-7 years, and they’re going to converge with each other to change how we distribute resources.

That was what Walt Disney recognized, that through technology we really live in an abundant world. We’re not suffering from a lack of land, we’re suffering from an inability to distribute.

For me that’s the most exciting possibility created by these disruptive technologies: having a connected world where we’re all sharing and listening to each other (or at least learning more).

Is your company positioned to take advantage of market-disrupting technologies as they mature? Set up a free consultation to evaluate your digital strategy and prepare for the world of tomorrow!

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Renato Reis Joins the Concepta Team As Chief Strategy Officer


We are proud to announce that Renato Reis is taking over as our Chief Strategy Officer. Renato is an innovative leader with a deep understanding of how technology can drive better customer experiences and higher revenue. His selection is part of a larger company strategy to offer personalized, innovative services to our clients.

Renato has been working at the intersection of technology and business for more than 25 years. He got his start at technology giants including Sybase and IBM before shifting focus to organizing digital transformation at a company level. During his tenure as Innovation Program Director for Salesforce, he advised Fortune 100 companies on creating forward-thinking digital strategies with the potential to dramatically improve customer experience and boost revenue. Most recently he served as the Orlando City SC’s CIO. There he worked on the $300,000 Lion Nation app and the related analytics program that helps the team translate their app data into usable insights.

Concepta is on an unbroken 12-year growth streak. Our emphasis on facilitating the success of our clients, not just on producing exceptional software, is a big part of our continuing success. “Our focus is on helping clients reach market dominance”, explains Humberto Farias, Concepta’s co-founder and CEO. “The unique thing about what we do here is that yes, we’re a technology provider, but we’re also a relationship company.”

“We’ve been in business for 12 years and growing for 12 years for exactly that reason”, adds VP of Business Development Thomas Capone. “We care about our customers. We care about our clients. We care about the work we do.”

The addition of Renato is a valuable asset for customers who are going through their own digital journeys. He will leverage his experience as both a transformational leader and a customer to create right-sized solutions for every client.

We’re excited to welcome Renato to the Concepta team!