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[Audio] How to Implement Business Intelligence in Your Company
Thao Tran
Posted on: February 28, 2017
Tags: business intelligence ebook
Tags: business intelligence ebook

Last year, we launched an eBook called How to Implement Business Intelligence in Your Company

The eBook covers topics like data visualization, data warehouses, structured vs unstructured data, benefits and challenges of BI, why BI projects fail, and popular business intelligence software.

We have just released an audio version of the eBook. So if you’re commuting to work, exercising, waiting for your next flight or doing mindless chores, hit play and learn how to gain a competitive advantage for your company using the power of BI.

Here’s an excerpt from the book:

BI should give you information your people can use on the fly to make productive decisions. The system should be ingrained seamlessly into the business. Here are several reason why BI imitations fail. Users complain that:

  • Software is overly complicated
  • The IT division still doesn’t comprehend what they need
  • They are still using Excel as their main tool
  • They don’t trust the data
  • They get the old data, just quicker

When you look at the human element behind these statements, you see that business people want to communicate what they want in ways they understand – they don’t speak in technical terms natural to technologists. BI solutions must be tailored to…

Click here to download the eBook and follow along with the audio:
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Thao Tran

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